Together We Can Make A Difference


Together We Can Make A Difference


In lieu of the Annual Pink Party, we distributed Chemo Care Packages to Patients in West Tennessee. 

We were able to provide 50 Chemo Care Kits to patients at the Margaret West Cancer Center in Memphis, TN.

Thank you to all who purchased a kit allowing us to have another successful campaign.

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About Us


Purposed for Pink was established in 2010 as a way to give back and with a goal of making a difference.

Purposed for Pink supports research and funding aimed at finding a cure for Breast Cancer.



Purposed for Pink hopes to encourage everyone to make a difference and to start right where they are, within their own community.   

Simply find a cause and make it your mission.    

It does not matter if you choose to create your own foundation or you rather you choose to collaborate with others, just know that you have something that this world needs.   

Find your 'thing' and make a point to make a difference.  

Thank you for your support.  ~ Felicia​​


The Pink Party


The Pink Party is an Annual Event to raise funds for

This party is funded yearly out of the personal funds of the volunteers with 100% of the donations going to Susan G Komen Foundation to support research to find a cure for breast cancer.

We know all to well the harm and seriousness of this disease and our goal is not to minimize or trivialize the horror of breast cancer.

Our goal with this Party is to create a community atmosphere mixed with information about this disease, because information is power and we know that that together we can make a difference.